Week 14 (28 May - 01 Jun. 2018)


Date:12 June 2019 Time:10:30-14:30

Seminar by Mr Leonidas ZampasProject Division Director, ASPROFOS SA

Time schedule:

10:30-11:50 Project management terms, definitions, main principles

                    Project constrains

                    Engineering and Construction projects

                    Project organization

                    Knowledge Areas (project components to be managed)

                    Project management process groups

                    Project management processes

                    Project Manager skills

11:50-12:00 Short Break

12:00-13:20 Analysis of Project Group Processes and Knowledge Areas

                    ASPROFOS presentation

                    Case study projects execution in ASPROFOS

13:20-13:30 Short Break

13:30-14:30 Case study projects execution in ASPROFOS

                     Questions, closing session

















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