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Dr. Angelos Maravelis




Basic geology (earth structure, rocks, sedimentary basins, mapping).Sedimentology and depositional environment.Structural geology.Basin analysis.Play assessment.


1st  Lecture

Introduction: Principles of Stratigraphy - Depositional Environments

2nd Lecture

Depositional Environments: Fluvial systems - Deltas

3rd  Lecture

Depositional Environments: Shallow Seas - Submarine fans

4th  Lecture

Accommodation and shoreline shifts - Stratigraphic surfaces

5th  Lecture

System Tracts

6th  Lecture

Basins due to lithospheric stretching

7th  Lecture

Basins due to flexure

8th  Lecture

Basins associated with strike-slip deformation

9th  Lecture

The petroleum system (source and reservoir rocks)


The petroleum system (migration, seal rocks and trap styles)

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Petroleum Engineering postgraduate program of the Technical University of Crete is a one-year, full-time program, designed to provide students with a scientific background in hydrocarbon exploration and skills in the practical aspects of petroleum engineering. The program begins in October, and leads to a Master of Science (MSc) degree. The program is run by the School of Mineral Resources Engineering.