Graduated Master students class 2014-15

Apeiranthitis Nikolaos

After completing this MSc Course, me and my colleagues feel confident enough that we will be competent employees in the oil industry. Being a Geologist, this course gave me the opportunity to capture the whole picture; how geology and engineering can be combined for a perfect result.

Choustoulakis Emmanouil

The recently established MSc on Petroleum Engineering offers integrated studies and provides the theoretical as well as the practical background to support a new generation of spherically educated scientists. It combines the scientific excellence and expertise that enable future graduates to become recognized and competitive both in a national and an international level.

Choustoulakis Kyriakos

A very well organized master course, with comperative advantange, the emphasis on the physical meaning of the concepts except of the theoretical and mathematical background.

Koukounya Anna

I am working in Intel for the past 3 years in the Production Engineering Department at FAB24 in Leixlip, Ireland, which alone produces approx. 50% of Intel's state of the art products/technologies for customers all around the world. I make sure, on a daily basis, that Intel's production is always running like clockwork in order to meet customer needs. In addition am I'm responsible for training all new graduate engineers in my department and bringing them up to speed to industry best practices.

The skills and knowledge I learned from the Petroleum Engineering MSc have been extremely helpful in my career development and were crucial in helping me achieve my goals. The exposure to the principles of production engineering combined with data analytics on real-world problems/datasets, during the course of the MSc degree, helped me transfer this acquired knowledge to another domain, Semiconductors.

Finally, a big thank you to all the professors and faculty members that supported, mentored and insipred me throughout my Master's journey.

Kouvela Ioanna

E&P Business Analyst

Business Development & Planning Division

HELPE Upstream SA

A particularly worthwhile post graduate master program in Greece, which is oriented in the oil industry. I feel very happy for the opportunity I had to attend this master.

Pandis Konstantinos - Dionisios

I am a chemical engineer and my undergraduate background focuses in process and refining sector of the Oil industry. The MSc in Petroleum Engineering broaden my knowledge's in the areas of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting and marketing petroleum products. After graduating from this MSc program I am confident to work in any of the above sectors of the petroleum industry.

Papadakis Dimitrios

A very promising new MSc program which provides students with the necessary theoretical background for a successful carrier in Oil and Gas Industry.

Stathopoulou Aikaterini

Exploration Geophysicist - Seismic Interpretation

Exploration and Production Department 

HELPE Upstream SA

A really promising engineering course, which was capable already from its first year to set the basis as far as the required knowledge that a petroleum engineer needs for his first steps in this rather challenging field.

Tetoros Ioannis

Process engineer 

AKTOR (Greece)

It has been a year full of new and interesting material. Being an Environmental Engineer, I had no background in petroleum studies. This Master's course made it possible, in a one-year period only, to start everything from scratch and reach up to a very competent level in comparison to other well-known Msc programs.

Varvantakis Michalis

The quality of the courses and the balance between theoretical and practical knowledge is an advantage to anyone pursuing a career in the Oil industry.

Vlassopoulou Aggeliki


ION Geophysical 

A very good effort for the standards of Greece, remarkable experience for the future choices.

Petroleum Engineering postgraduate program of the Technical University of Crete is a one-year, full-time program, designed to provide students with a scientific background in hydrocarbon exploration and skills in the practical aspects of petroleum engineering. The program begins in October, and leads to a Master of Science (MSc) degree. The program is run by the School of Mineral Resources Engineering.