"Seismos Collaborative Completions" Presentation

On Monday 25th November (2019), the Mineral Resources Engineering Department had the honor to host Seismos Collaborative Completions for a brief presentation on topics related to the Oil & Gas Industry. The invited speakers were:

Mr. Panos Adamopoulos, Founder and CEO of Seismos Inc.

Mr. Steven Bourgoyne, Operations manager

Mr. Panagiotis Dalamarinis, Completions engineering manager.

Our students had the opportunity to be introduced to, and develop a conversation, on the following topics:

(1) The Seismos story (high level) and a brief 101 introduction on entrepreneurship through individual experiences.

(2) Hydraulic fracturing from the field operations side

(3) Completions optimization (for hydraulic fracturing)


About Seismos

Seismos started back in 2013 as a small scale operation, and has evolved into one of the fastest growing technology companies for Oil and Gas in the US. 80% of the majors (BP, Exxon, etc) and 80% of the mid-tier E&P US companies are dedicated Seismos customers. They are backed by Quantum (a $17 Billion O&G fund) and are now the worldwide leaders in real-time subsurface sensing for Oil and Gas. Their products combine the latest developments in IOT and Artificial Intelligence while combining Physics, Acoustics, Hardware and Software into scalable self-sufficient technology platforms. Company is now in discussions for expansion to China, Algeria and the Middle East.

Their two products:

1/ Seismos-FRAC (previously named K-VIEW): real-time fracture diagnostics for the hydraulic fracturing industry (Onshore or Offshore). Reflections are recorded by the wellhead sensor and are then processed through AI-enabled and physics-powered software that converts the signals to fracture geometry (L, W, H) and reservoir information (fracture network complexity, fracture conductivity, proppant distribution, near field vs far field). Data is used to optimize stimulation designs and improve well production.

2/ Seismos-CONNECT: detailed investigation of the perforation coupling (between the wellbore and the reservoir) before pumping operations start.

Seismos is a technology company offering completion diagnostics services for the Oil and Gas industry and has applied its technology to thousands of stages across U.S. plays. More information on the company can be retrieved from their website www.seismos.com

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