Our 2020-2021 Class

Dimitriou Aikaterini

Geology and Geoenvironment

University of Athens

Kanakaki Eirini-Maria

Mining and Metallurgical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens

Makridou Zafeiria


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Novas Spyros


University of Crete

Obasi Moses Ekene

Petroleum Chemistry

American University of Nigeria

Telemenis Dimosthenis


University of Patras

Petroleum Engineering postgraduate program of the Technical University of Crete is a one-year, full-time program, designed to provide students with a scientific background in hydrocarbon exploration and skills in the practical aspects of petroleum engineering. The program begins in October, and leads to a Master of Science (MSc) degree. The program is run by the School of Mineral Resources Engineering.